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ECE 510

Science, Technology, and Applications

Fall 2013
Credit: 4 Hours

This course provides a comprehensive foundation in the broad field of micro/nanolithography for graduate students in varied research areas. Lithography is the central process technology used in fabrication of a vast array of micro/nano structures required in microelectronic devices, displays, flexible electronics, microelectromechanical systems, and biotechnology. The course covers the science of microlithography, including optical imaging, photochemistry, and materials issues; the extensive technological developments, including state-of-the-art commercial lithography systems; and the innumerable applications of lithography in diverse fields.

Outline of topics

ECE 484

Advanced Microelectronic Process Technologies

Spring 2014
Credit: 3 Hours

This course teaches seniors and first-year graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering advanced topics in microelectronic device processing. It covers the principles of advanced methods of pattern delineation, deposition, ion implantation, material growth, etching, and isolation, and how these are applied to produce novel and high-performance devices and circuits in various electronic materials with special emphasis on semiconductors. Issues in computer simulation of processes and the manufacturing of devices and circuits are also covered.

Outline of topics





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