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ECE 484

Advanced Microelectronic Processing

Course Director: Kanti Jain
Description: Teaches seniors and first year graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering advanced topics in semiconductor device processing. Covers the principles of advanced methods of pattern delineation, pattern transfer, and modern material growth, and how these are applied to produce novel and high-performance devices and circuits in various electronic materials with special emphasis on semiconductors. Issues in computer simulation of processes and the manufacturing of devices and circuits are also covered.
Instructor: Kanti Jain             Office: 132 Everitt Lab      Phone: 333-5990
Prerequisites: ECE 444 or Consent of Instructor
Course Materials: Textbook: S. Campbell, The Science and Engineering of Microfabrication; chapters from several other books; numerous journal articles; proceedings of conferences; and industry reports
Credit: 3 hours
  • Types of microelectronic devices; types of microelectronic fabrication processes; critical role of process technologies in evolution of microelectronic devices.
  • Microlithography. Fundamental elements and attributes. Types of microlithography: optical, e-beam, X-ray, EUV. Sources, resists, exposure concepts, applications.
  • Optical projection lithography; steppers and scanners. Excimer lasers as dominant sources; key features. Photoresists: main constituents and functions; performance parameters.
  • Ion implantation. Key objectives. Advantages over diffusion. Ion implantation systems. Projected range. Distribution profiles. Channeling. Damage mechanisms.
  • Dry etching. Types of dry etching technologies. Process parameters. Sputtering. Reactive ion etching. Plasma etching. Dry etching systems. Etching gases and chemistry.
  • UV laser photoablation. Photochemistry. Ablation systems. Key applications in diverse fields.
  • Deposition. Types of deposition processes. Physical vapor deposition. RF sputtering. Process parameters. E-beam evaporation.
  • Chemical vapor deposition. Reaction mechanisms. Types of CVD systems. LPCVD. PECVD.
  • Epitaxy. Process parameters. Metallo-organic CVD. Molecular beam epitaxy. Defect generation.
  • Isolation. Key objectives. Process steps. Trenches. Deep trench isolation. Deep etching systems.
  • Microelectronic packaging. Primary functions. Packaging hierarchical levels. Types of packaging. Packaging materials. Thin-film interconnect processes. Thermal management. Package design.


Photonics, Microelectronics, and Microsystems Laboratory
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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